This project honors the strong bond between Nando and his father Seler Parrado through enjoyment, celebration and sharing… of wine.

It all started with Aldo Franchetti and his friend Nicolás Fernández Deotto. The Franchetti family (from San Rafael, Mendoza) cultivated a great friendship with the Parrado family. For more than 18 summers they organized tours from their home in southern Mendoza to visit the location of the plane crash and pay homage to the deceased, including Nando’s mother and sister, Zenia Dolgay de Parrado and Susana Parrado.

The close bond with the Parrado family and the love for Malbec from Mendoza that had Seler (Nando´s father) inspired even more Aldo and Nicolás and led them in 2020 to propose Nando this dream. From the very outset, he said: “Guys, I´m in.”

“Breathe in. Breathe again. As long as you keep breathing, you will be alive”

-Nando Parrado



Nando Parrado 
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